Sunday, November 11

I'm Proud of You

Some of us don't need constant reminders that we are doing a good job.
We thrive and often soar far above expectations by receiving just the opposite form of encouragement.
Maybe we are just wired differently.
It could be some form of sickness, like being a glutton for punishment. 
Perhaps it could be that we enjoy the challenge far more than the reward.
Maybe the reward is a let-down.

Maybe we work so hard for so long and lose sight of the goal we had originally set out to attain.
We could get lost in the process, eventually losing ourselves in the confusion.
We could lose our way, until we hear those 4 words that make a world of difference.
I'm proud of you.

Walking alone, except maybe for a furry sidekick, we lose ourselves in our worry.
We are in deep internal discussion when suddenly a voice, as soft as the light breeze blowing through the thin fall air, slips into our thoughts-invades them like a whisper-and says, I'm proud of you.

The discussion stops. What?
The thoughts cease, as you are overcome with emotion from something so unexpected that you know it's origin was neither earthly or unplanned.
Right there, on the dirt road less traveled, you hit your knees.
I'm proud of you.

Something breaks inside of you.
The wall holding your breath in finally lets go and you breathe out so hard that it hurts.
I'm proud of you.
That's all.

You're not that different, and there's nothing wrong with you.
Maybe you need to stop trying to take care of everyone else and take care of you.
You realize that life is meant to be lived to hear those simple words, when you need them the most.
I'm proud of you.


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