Saturday, November 24

Our Love Language

Hiya!  Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? 
Eat lots of good homemade grub?
Wash it down with gravy?
Have a piece of pie?
Well, that's what you're supposed to do anyway.

Me?  I worked.  Actually I gave Eddie the day off, since his family lives an hour away, and took on his feeding as well as my own.  Buttttttt, I still baked up a storm!
You bet your boot straps I did!
Cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, yeast rolls and the random mashed potato...I brought joy..and calories.
That's what New Years resolutions are for, no?

Chuck and I have a day after Thanksgiving tradition of putting up the Christmas tree.  I LOVE this!
I had to work yesterday(please try to hide the shock), so he went ahead and drug Christmas out from under the house before I got home. 
Now, please keep in mind that he was single (and ready to mingle) for a long time before we met, so he has a lot that cause me to sigh deeply.
Let us take a moment to remember the safari bedroom decor that was tragically lost in the move....
A number of ceramic giraffes and lions lost their lives.

Moving on.

So, yesterday I got home from work and he met me at the door.
When Charles meets me at the door it's either:
A. Because he knows I have had a rough day and he is the best.husband.ever.  OR,
B.  He is taking mental pictures of my reaction.

Yesterday he was in camera-mode as I got out of my truck and approached the porch.
Christmas had arrived.

Three-foot Santa greeted me at the door, as well as a stuffed Frosty the Snowman.
Upon entering the house I noticed he had indeed decorated it as well.
Now, when my honey decorates he takes everything out of the boxes and puts it somewhere.
I mean everything.

He lead me into the dining room, where he had put up a tree(it was really pretty) and set the table with some 1991 felt-with-stars-cut-out place mats, and lime green napkins.

Then I saw the fireplace where he had hug the stockings(with care) and piled pillows and yet another stuffed snowman on the floor in front.
Personally I would have put the pillows on the couch, but I think he was going for some sort of ambiance.

He needed me for years.

After tweaking a few things, and realizing that our apartment decorations are only enough to fill the living room of our home, this is what we came up with... far anyway.

The longer we are together the more I am beginning to realize we have a certain "love language" that only we know.
I am sure that is the same for anyone with a significant other.
For example, I know that when he says, I got you something, it really means he found something from the year I was born that he wore..OR he has red felt place mats.

One of my favorite ways to open up conversation with him is by saying, so I did this thing... and then watching his reaction when I tell him about making a duct-tape mask for a cow, or opening my own business.

He says, I'm going to bring sexy back, which means he wants to grow a mustache, at which time there is no hope for sexy to live much less come back, and I need to start packing as well.

I say, Soooooo I have been thinking, by which I mean to say, "there's something you said 3 months ago that I have not forgotten and I'm going to probably make you feel bad about it, but at the same time ask for something which will cause you to agree to whatever it is that I want in hopes that I will forget what you said"...or something like that.
I remember lots of stuff...except taking my keys out of my truck before I lock it and close the door.
Funny how that happens.

I think we can all agree that Chuck and I are pretty much perfect for each other...and the red felt place mats are just proof that he couldn't have gone another year without me.
Now, if only our new home didn't make our Christmas trees look like those in munchkin-land we would be all set....


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