Tuesday, October 16

Nothing Like the Brochure

Have you ever gone on a trip and were thoroughly disappointed because the hotel you stayed in was nothing like the brochure said it would be?
That was totally yesterday.
Good grief.

I don't even know when it started its downhill spiral.
Was it with the machina no worky, first thing?
How about when it was brought to my attention that I put the wrong RSVP phone number on my friend's baby shower invites, that.I.already.mailed.?

Those are "no sweat" right?
The culminating factor was after lunch, when I chased a cow around the field.  No biggie, except for the the fact she had two feet and half a head sticking out of her.
She didn't think she needed to go to the barn, and proceeded to duck-and-dodge all across the field.
Occasionally I would get a hand on one of those slippery feet sticking out and try to dig my heels in, in an effort to slow her down.
That worked about as well as it sounds like it would.

I was left each time with slimy hands, and the dilemma of figuring out how I was going to pick up my water bottle that I tossed aside every time I caught up with her.

One of the more memorable events of the day was when my vet, Dr. K, came out and I stumped him.
I might be a little proud of that.  It's not often a large animal vet sees something new, trust me.
We finished our herd check and I popped the question, "what do you give a sick peacock?".
He fell silent, as if I had initiated a knock-knock joke and he wasn't sure if he was going to take the bait.

Then I showed him the sick peacock and he admitted that he had never even seen a sick peacock before.
FYI a sick peacock is a peacock that stands in one place for 6-8 hours on end.
It's an odd peacock.

I would say the turkey is still standing there considering the plan of action was to give it a 1cc shot every.day..
Uhhhh. Yeah.
It probably just needs a vacation.  I needs a vacation.

Speaking of needing a vacation, do you know how to get a kitten out of a baler?

Your initial thought might be to reason with it...sort of a hostage negotiation situation...

When that doesn't work, because we all know cats don't negotiate, you need to be sure that if you're going in you announce it so that you don't alarm the subject...
"Kitten!  Heeere is my hannnnnd!"

As with any rescue mission, positive reinforcement is necessary to keep everyone involved at ease.
A simple thumbs-up might be the ticket.

Finally, making sure not to put your body in harm's way, you dive in and make the rescue.

Cats are so grateful.

I don't even know where we would put a bale of kittens.


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