Thursday, October 18

Lessons From Mom

This past Saturday I left work early, and spent a couple of hours at the fall festival with my mom.  The Heat, you know her and love her.  She's without a doubt "awesome" all rolled up in a petite package.

While we were walking, browsing and chatting she said something that has stuck with me ever since.  She told me she had been talking to the ladies she works with about her kids and how she raised us, and she said, "I never really taught my kids how to do anything.  They picked up cooking, sewing, and any other activities like that on their own".
Say wha?

My mother, The Heat, honestly thinks she didn't teach us how to do anything.
I'm going to let that soak in.

OK, that being said, I' prepared to inform her that she is wrong and deal with the consequences.

My mother did not take me into the kitchen and show me how to make pie crust, cake, toast, frosting or chicken legs. She did not teach me how to perfectly decorate a cookie, or hem a cuff.  The Heat wasn't by my side washing windows, mopping floors or making my bed.  My mother did not fill out my college application, job applications or take my drivers permit test for me. She did not grab me by the hair and drag me out of bed so I would get up on time, she didn't quiz me on the books of the Bible or pressure me into feeling a certain way about the Lord.  My mom didn't teach me how to shoot a basketball, hit a softball or keep from getting a cramp when I'm running.  She wasn't by my side in dance class or dance auditions.  My mother did none of these things.


My mom sewed us little red bags with bears on them.  She made dinner every night, and let us help.  She took us out to eat and showed us how to be polite and quiet.  She made Malinda and I play together, which made us closer than sisters.  My mother always took us to dance class and watched every recital.  She never criticized us if we messed up or laughed at us when we looked ridiculous with our rosy cheeks and lipstick on.  She left us chores to do, because she knew we watched her do them and could repeat the procedure.  She left us lists of things to do because she knew, out of respect, we would do them.  She trusted us to be each others baby sitters, and take each other to school.  She always listened to our ideas and dreams, and never told us we couldn't do it.  She answered the phone when we couldn't figure a recipe out, after we took a hard test, when we thought we got a new job...and when our world seemed to be shattering.  She was the first person we called...for everything.  When she cried, we cried.  When she laughed, we laughed.  As we got older and saw how Church changed her life, we let it change ours. 

She's right.  My mother did not teach us how to do everything...she taught us that we can do anything.

If there is one lesson I have learned from my mom on how to be a good mom, it's the importance of loving and guiding your children. 

My mom will never think she is anything special, but there are at least 5 people who are a living testament otherwise.

I love you mama,

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