Wednesday, October 31

How Do You Do It?

In the mornings I often have time to quietly reflect on things from the previous day.
Things I have encountered, read or said.  Kind of like when I told Chuck his burp smelled like garbage.  That's to be on my "highlight reel" FYI.

I believe in introspection to the highest degree.  Thus I often feel a sense of guilt for oh, I dunno, the garbage comment for example.  It was funny though, and I'm still laughing.  But for the most part I look back and think of how I handled situations and if I could have done it differently. 

Would the outcome have been different?
Would it have mattered?

The biggest question I ponder is how to live life.  I mean, how do you do it? 
Do you "live every day to it's fullest"?
Are you a "regret nothing" kind of person?
Do you "plan for the future"?
"Dream big, act small"?
Are you a worrier?

I think I am in the middle of the mix.  Somewhere.  What I would really like to know is the answer.  I mean, should I live for today?  Dancing in the rain is fun at the time, but then you have wet socks, your pants are sticking to you're wet.  Yuck.

But you don't want to be that fuddy-duddy who stands by and watches everyone else, then when it's all said and done second-guesses their decision like, maybe I missed out on a life experience!
Then again they are sitting on towels and you're not.  Hmm.

Is it really worth going to bed angry to prove a point?  Should you make up in case there's no tomorrow?  Or, does making up mean giving in?  Hmm.

I'm a fast mover by all counts.  I mean if you're just standing there then you're probably in my way.  I have to make myself STOP collaborate and listen and be in the moment.  The father-in-law-on-the-roof-while-husband-is-facebooking-while-holding-the-ladder kind of moments.  Those don't just happen every day.  (And it's a good thing).

I have to give-in to the urge to dance Gangnam-style in the bathroom while Chuck gets ready.  Not just because I'm AWESOME at it, but because it makes him laugh and that's the best way to start the day.  Am I right?

Is there a wrong way to live?  I think living selfishly is the obvious answer.  Would living for the day be selfish?  I know what is waiting for me after this life, but what about those who don't?

This may be too deep for this hour, but these things are often on my mind.  I guess deep-down I wanna do it right.  Experience everything, but at the same time miss nothing.  That's tough muffin.  

So I guess my question for you is, how do you do it?  Do you take pictures remembering the moments, or are you left sitting on the towel?
Bet you didn't think there would be a quiz:).


P.s. Happy Halloween!!!

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