Thursday, April 25

Missing Person

Last weekend our subdivision had a HOA meeting.
For those of you not sub-divided, that's Home Owners Association.  You'rewelcome.

Coincidentally I went missing at the exact same time that meeting was being held.
I wouldn't lie to you.
For long.
...about anything serious.

You see last Sunday Charles, my love-muffin whoneverlistenstome, had to work and didn't arrive home until after 4.  When he got home he expected to see his beautiful bride (that's me) busy waxing the wood floors (and that's a joke, told ya I wouldn't lie).
Instead, he came home, didn't find me but my truck was there. After calling me 5 dozen times without an answer, he started to panic. 
I know, like someone would take me.
Anyway, he called The Heat, who came over to help him look.  Then he called his dad, who thought maybe I had taken a walk through the field behind our house...because I DO love a good trespassing fine.
Listen, they looked for me FOR AN HOUR, then finally The Heat went creepin through the subdivision and asked a neighbor, who happened to be doing yard work.
I'm not sure what she asked him; "Have you seen my daughter?" or maybe "She's this tall, and looks like me but acts like her father"...whatever it was he responded with, "Oh yeah, she walked across the road into that house for the meeting tonight".
The HOA got me! I got bronchitis!

After The Heat told Chuck where I was, and he saw the letter on the counter announcing the HOA meeting and time, AND she said, "don't worry Chuck, I have lost a few kids in my time" he calmed down.
Thanks mom:).

I was sorry I worried them, but I guess it's nice to be missed...if "you gave me cottonmouth!" is a man's way of showing how worried he was.

That incident, paired with catching up with a college friend, reminded me that I have been a little lost.
I feel like I'm "found" now.  Does that make sense?
No, the biggest thing I want to know from you is, have I let you down?
I feel like when I left the farm I let people down because it was my "thing".
I'm sorry if I did:(.

Know what?  I'm happy.
For reals.  I wake up happy each morning and look forward to seeing Angel, Jenn and Glenn at work.
I enjoy my husband, stepson and home.
I live for my family and my faith.
I live life...every second of it.

Sure one day I will work 75 calves and the next be standing on my knees helping float My Little Pony teeth, but I like it.
FYI ponies have some stanky

I am learning to love people again, people and I broke up for a while but now we cool.
Wait, you aren't seeing someone else now are you?
That would be awkward.

I will tell you this, I listen to Air1 radio station and now instead of driving and worrying/stressing I pray.

Wanna hear something funny?
When I started my new job, right before I would pull in I would say, "please let me love people today".
I reckon it is starting to work:).

Chuck and I have Caden a lot more now and that's totally awesome.  He is such a sweet boy and I enjoy him so much.
Even though he smells like Frito's and onions, I enjoy him.
Yep.  Boys smell bad.

I am still cooking, though I have slowed down a but since it's warmer and baseball has begun, and I am a consultant for Rodan and Fields, which is a blessing.

So, how bout we try this again?
You know as well as I do we had fun what do ya say??

Ok then, sleep on it and let me know.



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  1. Love it... I've really missed your posts


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