Sunday, June 23

You're Doing What?.....

So.....there's this thing, and it feels very dejavu-ish. Totally not a word.
It's the "what I'm doing now" sort of thing, that I am pretty sure we visited with it 6 months ago.
Yeah, we did.

I'm doing something different now.
Job jumper.
NO! I'm NOT!

I don't know if you can tell, but I am a little sensitive as far as this subject goes.
Sensitive yet very excited.
And happy.
Did I mention happy?

I'm happy.

Anyway, last Monday I started a new job as the Herd Manager at Century Harvest Farms in Greenback, TN.
Like "herd" as in beef, not dairy like you may be used to.
Yeah, lots of beef pictures now peeps.

Contain your excitement.

Now for the exciting part....
Century Harvest Farms is brand new, progressive and the possibilities are endless.
Chris, my boss and the "man with the plan", started the farm to answer the need for grass-fed, organic beef in Tennessee.
He is all about sustainable agriculture, and taking care of soil and animals in a way that promotes health and longevity without chemicals and antibiotics.
See?  Told ya, progressive.

When he approached me with the job opportunity and started talking cattle, my heart jumped.
Like, really, the thought of taking care of a herd of cattle made my heart swell.

I accepted the position, and when I told Glenn he genuinely got excited for me.
He will be my go-to vet:).

Right now, counting cows/calves/steers/bulls, I have around 150 head...maybe more.
I also have my work cut-out for me.  That's OK:).
This gal is no stranger to work.

I have a TON to learn, as far as the process Chris wants to use to do things, and the Organic way of raising cattle.
The research is endless.
But rewarding:).

Wanna see some pictures?!
It really doesn't matter, they are coming...


This...THIS is my view!
It's OK to be jelly:).
I kinda hate that word, but I love saying it.

This hill is where we will be building the first cow/calf barn, which is something we hope to begin in the next few weeks.

Zeeeessss are a few of my employees.
Aren't they lovely?

This big guy is Curly, he is going to be introduced to, like 80, girlfriends shortly.
Lucky guy.

This is what we do.
Red here, is the lifeguard, because they all listen to her.
Wonder why.

Eventually, all of the water sources, like the pool here, will be fenced off as well as any natural shade areas...trees, etc.
This will cause the cattle to come to the barn when they are hot, to find water, fans and shade.
They will also be fed there, and deposit manure there...instead of in the pool.
No one likes that kid.

The manure will be composted and used on the land.
Circle of life, people.

I am blessed beyond belief, and don't take one ounce for granted.
The question is, are YOU ready for this adventure?
I know I am:).


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  1. I'm proud of you! Out-of-the-box thinking never hurts anyone, and to go ahead and try it,well, that's another level! Saw Chris's interview on Knoxville TV not long ago(sorry, forget the station-WBIR? maybe?), and have been intrigued ever since. But I can't help but laugh at the irony in this whole organic thing - at one time, antibiotics and all things related were the 'new, better way' and greatly encouraged by lots of 'experts.' (not naming names)And now, somewhere along the way, we've decided the 'old way' isn't so bad after all! I was an organic skeptic until I found out a really good friend had lupus, and she taught me that there were many food additives that would trigger her lupus flares. Some are as simple to identify as food dyes and MSG, others not so simple. So for her to stay as healthy as possible, she eats organic as much as possible. I really believe the answer for all of us is diversity in the food supply, because too many individuals have specific needs or food preferences. My hats off to you and the Burgers, and I'll be cheering you on (and would love to come visit sometime!) And stay an out-of-the boxer, I'll confess I'm on my own out-of the-box journey at the moment. I'm trying a 'wheat-lessened' diet as an experiment. Just to see what all the hoopla is about, and to see if it makes a difference in the way I feel. (not gluten free-yet though, just a whole lot less, and we'll see if the gluten free results. I say that while I'm staring out the window at a 75-acre wheat field waiting on a combine!) Cheers, Rachael, Cheers!


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