Wednesday, June 26

The Beast

See that peekchur up 'er?
That's us.  That's pretty much what we do.
Oh!  Except when we are swimming, or chasing the Cowlady in her farm truck around.

The farm truck.

Picture, if you will, a 90's style Dodge diesel flatbed that sounds like it breathes FIRE.
Every teenage redneck boys d-r-e-a-m.

Annnnd it's a 5-speed...or does reverse count?  I never can remember.  If it does then it's a 6-speed, and we never had this conversation.
My pride.

With every gear I hit, this baby bellers out something that sounds like a person who ate a polish sausage with fried onions at the county fair last night.  

The first time I drove it...Monday I think, I loaded up my companions....

I mean, who else would I possibly need?
They are thrilled.....and tongue-y.
But not mouthy.  Wait, the little brown one is.
Never mind.

SO I loaded up my girls, cranked the truck up, and BAM!
The farm truck became the farm BEAST.
...and I laughed all morning.
Laughed today as well.
...still laughing.

On a side note, 4th and 5th produce some SERIOUS  black exhaust.
Which brings me to a written apology I should probably write to the entire town of Greenback.
Population: 103.
It won't take long.

NO one shall sleep past 8am while the beast is on the loose!
Just kidding.

Beef farming is soooooo different from dairy farming.  You have no idea.  
Unless you do, then you understand andyoucanstoprightHERE.
But if you don't, all I can say is it's management by pasture rotation, organic mineral supplements and genetics through breeding bulls, instead of frozen semen. 

Kids, I'm just a dairy gal living in a beef world...taking lots of notes and asking questions.
Who says you can't reinvent yourself?

God has lead me here and I know there's a reason.
It's challenging, every day is a challenge actually.  But what's so scary about that?

As long as I put my Faith and my family foremost in my life, I am positive I won't be lead astray.
There are so many people I have met and confided in along my route to this point, and the majority of them are no longer in my innermost circle.
Sad to say, but it's true.

I have learned so much from all of them, but there is a reason we grew apart.
Geographic, personality clash, or difference in doesn't matter.  They have either helped me grow as a person, or hindered my forward progress.  Being able to recognize which category they fall into is a very valuable lesson my mother has taught me over the years.

I would always go to her with my problems and she, being wise and wonderful, would help me figure out what was going on.  
I see so many people who are spread thin...wanting to make everyone happy, but inside they are miserable.  That's no way to live.

Those people who really matter, will stay no matter what.  They see the value in your friendship and will pop-up out of nowhere when you least expect it, with an encouraging note or visit.
I used to try to make everyone happy, but in the end I had strayed so far from myself that I didn't even recognize 'me'.

Learning and accepting who I am, rebuilding my relationship with God, and surrounding myself with loving, supportive people, were the best things I ever did.

Every day I give the glory to God, work hard for my family and stay true to myself.
You know who you are, don't apologize for it...and don't change!

Farming might not be glamorous...especially when you are blazing down the road leaving a trail of black smoke a mile long...but it makes my heart smile.
That...that feeling is greater than any title, degree or accolade I can imagine.

Thanks for listening:).


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