Tuesday, January 22


Sometimes, well lotsa times, as I am driving to and from work my mind wanders.
Just a couple of months ago it would typically drift toward what I needed to get done at work, or how if I drove a little faster I could get more done once I got there.  Imma nerd.
Lately, as I set the cruise control and drive 20-some miles down the highway, one person in particular  occupies my thoughts..

My momma.

I wonder what she's doing now?
Does she have to take Mercy to school?
I wonder if she works today?

I don't usually follow any of these thoughts with a phone call, like a somewhat normal individual would.  I don't know why.  Maybe I think she will probably be busy, or not in good company to talk.  Really talk. Not fluff-talk.  I dislike fluff-talk.

And that's just it, I miss momma-Rachael talk.  I only know this because as I typed that last paragraph I teared up.

I used to walk down to her house from the barn, disrobe from my coveralls on the porch, and tiptoe into sunroom in my cold-gear.  Then I would look her straight in the face and say, "what's wrong???!".  Well, 9 times out of 10 I did anyway:).  No, there's wasn't always something wrong, but I think I have always feared she would have a problem I couldn't fix...or feel like I could. Truth be told, our mother raised a bunch of bulldogs when it comes to her.  We dare ya to blink sideways towards our mother.
Dare ya.

It has only been a short time since seeing her every day, and I could very well drive across the highway a little ways and pay a visit, but that's not the point of this.
The point is in her smile, her laugh and her presence.

The point is that the smallest ( in terms of time spent) part of what used to be my day, now speaks volumes.
I just never realized it.

Maybe by sharing this you can avoid taking something for granted.
I love you momma and you will be hearing from me soon,

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